• When employees are performing picking tasks that involve long reaches, bending postures, they are exposed to awkward postures; that is, the positions of their shoulders, elbows and back deviate significantly from more neutral positions. Repeatedly performing tasks in such positions poses increased stress on the joints and spinal discs.
  • In warehouse operations, picking operation takes 50~60% of labor times. Picking and putaway are most time-consuming, labor intensive operations in warehouse.
  • We designed and developed a labor friendly solution-Goods to Destination System (GDS).
H/W perspective Speed 3~4m/s(horizontal)
0.3 ~ 0.75m/s (vertical)
3m/s (horizontal)
3m/s (vertical)
Handling Weight 30 ~ 300kg 25kg (50kg Max)
Power Supply BusBars Battery or BusBars
Operation One crane per aisle Multi-Shuttles per aisle (depends on the traffic)
Operational Perspective Installation/ Flexibility Installation time relatively long. Big installation cost Easy to assemble & to disassemble Low installation cost
Maintenance, Responsiveness When a Stacker Crane breakdowns, all tasks are stopped When a shuttle breakdowns, other can replace the shuttle