Restaurant/Café Solution

Current issues
  • Unacceptable tip culture, No decent food culture, No Philosophy in Food, Is food just for eating?
  • Too many resources, poor customer service
  • Customer should refresh their body and mind
  • Reasonable tip important for owner, wait and waitress and customer. Tip is a gift of appreciation, a way of thanking for good service not a tax.
  • Customer should enjoy Food, Service, Environment (smell), Culture
IoT based Restaurant Solution: helps to provide high standard service, provide profit management, improve resource efficiencies.

Target Market : Franchise Restaurant, Labor Intensive Restaurant/Café

  • Service Management: helps to improve customer satisfaction by optimizing resource and order process
  • Food Genealogy: provides heathy food selection, reduce food waste
  • Profit Management: helps to improve profit of franchise shops
  • Smart Interface: helps to various devices
  • Resource/Kitchen Management: minimize resource, improve customer service
We provide a total solution for efficient Restaurant/Café Management.